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There is something incredibly attractive about a facial beauty mark. They draw attention to the face in the subtlest way, making a juicy lip way sexier and a captivating look even more interesting. And although there are many who feel embarrassed by their unique spots and often cover them up with makeup and even try to permanently have them removed, there are others who instead embrace their beauty marks and make them a distinctive and noticeable part of their look. When you think about it, beauty marks, birthmarks, moles—whatever you want to call them!

The truth about beauty marks

Celebrities Embracing Their Birthmarks |

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of dark facial mole , so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature. Moles of this type may also be located elsewhere on the body, and may also be considered beauty marks if located on the face, shoulder, neck or breast. Artificial beauty marks have been fashionable in some periods. Artificial beauty marks became fashionable in sixteenth-century France, and the fashion persisted into the eighteenth century, applied to the face as a form of make-up.

16 Famous Celebrities With Beauty Marks

When we think of a celebrity , Flawless is what the society expects! But there are some celebs that have gone against this convection and come out looking even more amazing. As Coco Chanel once said that Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
In your lifetime, beauty marks have likely been seen as a sign of, well, beauty. This is partially dictated by Hollywood's elite. Cindy Crawford, for example, is notorious for her iconic "blemish. These days, Crawford realizes that her well-placed spot helps her remain recognizable and unique. It also helps other women with beauty marks to have an ally with which to identify.
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